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Selena Lee Sze-wa (born 12 February 1981) is a Hong Kong-born Canadian actress and former Miss Hong Kong 2003 contestant.That year, as a contestant from Toronto, Selena was the winner of Miss Talent and Miss Photogenic. After her character in the TVB series To Grow With Love was well-received, she has gained attention in Hong Kong with many commercial ads.

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Artists who attended the press con included Wayne Lai (The app, which will be released for beta on June 23, allows TVB artists to release their own videos for live broadcast online, giving them the opportunity to interact with their fans more closely through a different digital platform.

The app also has a system where fans can send virtual “hearts” and “flowers” to their idols, which can be another source of income for the artist.), a self-professed foodie, will consider broadcasting videos about her lifestyle, giving her fans tips on how to stay fit without having to sacrifice delicious food.

She has also thought about asking her father and brother for help, saying, “My father makes jewelry for a living. I don’t know anything about designing, but my younger brother does.

April 2016 — Short End of the Stick A comedy drama about exempted palace eunuchs who struggle to live a normal lifestyle.

The poster features Wayne Lai, Nancy Wu, John Chiang, Edwin Siu, Rosina Lam, Natalie Tong, Raymond Cho, Jack Wu, Power Chan, Toby Chan, and Grace Wong.