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Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the actress explained: “It wasn’t directed that we would kiss. Ellaria did of course poison Cersei’s daughter Myrcella Baratheon, following the death of her husband Oberyn Martell.

Ralph Fiennes and Indira Varma will star in George Bernard Shaw’s Man and Superman as part of the National Theatre’s forthcoming season, which also includes a new play by Sam Holcroft – called Rules for Living – which will be directed by Marianne Elliott.

The NT’s season also features Tom Stoppard’s The Hard Problem, directed by Nicholas Hytner, which will mark his final production as director of the National.

Man and Superman runs in the Lyttelton Theatre from February 17 until May 17, with press night on February 25.

Man and Superman will be broadcast as part of National Theatre Live on May 14.

Holcroft’s Rules for Living will run in the Dorfman Theatre from March 13, with press night on March 24.

Yes, sometimes when daters do nothing, they’re doing something.Dorne, while a part of Westeros, is culturally different than the other parts of the Seven Kingdoms.spent time with all of the Starks and checked in with the Lannisters, the biggest chunk of time was given over to Team Targaryen.Gemma Whelan and Indira Varma / Credit: HBO This past week, we saw plenty of plot development, but one of the more tender moments came when Yara Greyjoy and Ellaria Sand shared a lustful embrace. ” Unfortunately for the two, their love wasn’t meant to be, as just as they were starting to enjoy themselves, Yara’s insane uncle Euron Greyjoy descended on the ship with bloodlust in his heart.Turns out the actresses involved actually brought that to the scene themselves, rather than it being a part of the original script and direction. “It was meant to be a suggestion [of flirting] and then it became more sexual than we expected because it seemed right… Taking the pair prisoner, we can’t imagine either is long for the world if they’re headed back to Cersei Lannister at King’s Landing.