Ios mail badge not updating

While you can’t technically fix the problem, you can make it go away.

There are several ways to go around it, which I believe you should try in this specific order. I know what you may think, but I also know human errors happen much more often than software bugs, and it really doesn’t hurt double checking that you indeed do not have any unread emails.

Me and my mom, for instance, have experienced this on devices running both older and up-to-date versions of i OS.

ios mail badge not updating-6

if it shows than y not push and badge icon under the right circumstances.Although you say you have reset the i Phone three times, and once at an Apple service centre, it's not clear what type of reset was done.My advice is to follow these steps to try and resolve your issue.Any specific reason why i OS cannot change the icon badge of my app automatically when the notification arrives?I have seen all the similar posts, they are all discussing about either phone settings, or about notification types that it registered, or about checking the payload JSON includes badge or not.