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'This has a venomous sac attached to it, which is why you need to remove the stinger carefully to avoid puncturing the sac and causing the venom to spread.

To do this, gently grasp the sac and flick it out with something that has a hard edge, such as a bank card.

Koreans who admire China and the Chinese people speak of their large-scale thinking that leads to bold, daring decisions, and the patience to implement very long term national projects, which led to China's being the leading civilization of the world for several millennia.

For those Koreans, China's current success is no more than the manifestation of the world-beating potential that China has always had.

In February 2014, the authors explored Sri Lanka’s entire mine-to-market gemstone and jewelry industry.

The team visited numerous mining, cutting, trading, jewelry manufacturing, and retail centers representing each sector and witnessed a dynamic blend of traditional and increasingly modern practices.

Cutting is another sector where traditional techniques still prevail, providing excellent initial orientation of the rough crystal for maximum face-up color and weight retention.

While most of the mining enterprises are small operations using simple hand tools, these allow for continuous mining, employ a large workforce, and are less damaging to the environment (figure 1).

Fine precision cutting to tight tolerances on modern lapidary equipment is being applied to calibrated goods that meet the strictest requirements, including those of the watch industry.

While the small shops rely on jewelry manufacturing techniques such as hand-blown soldering, modern factories use lost-wax and casting as well as die-striking.

'You'll feel sharp pain and, depending on how you react to the venom, you may get a raised lump and swelling. Apply a cold compress for relief, or use calamine to calm the pain.

Taking an antihistamine tablet or using an over- the- counter preparation such as Wasp-Eze may help to soothe the itch and inflammation.' 'However, if you get swelling anywhere else, such as on the lips, have difficulty breathing or feel dizzy, you must get help immediately as you may be suffering with anaphylaxis - a severe allergic reaction.