Updating two tables

For example, operations to be performed from the command line.This chapter points out such equivalences where appropriate.Performance Tip: The conditional behavior described for the MERGE statement works best when the two tables have a complex mixture of matching characteristics.For example, inserting a row if it does not exist, or updating the row if it does match.Whenever I update content on a table, I'd like to have the capability of that data automatically updating on another table in a different page.This would save me a great deal of time without having to add the same data twice in 2 different pages.You must also know SQL if you write programs that use the My SQL interface provided by your programming language because the interface functions as the means that allows you to communicate with the server by sending SQL statements to it.Chapter 1, "Getting Started with My SQL and SQL," presented a tutorial introduction to many of My SQL's capabilities.

You can avoid this by using several SQL statements to do the job inside a transaction. i think about the problem is the syntax but where???When simply updating one table based on the rows of another table, improved performance and scalability can be achieved with basic INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements.For example: Specifies the temporary named result set or view, also known as common table expression, defined within the scope of the MERGE statement.First build a temp table with the desired column values for the final table by joining the two existing tables. i think about the problem is the syntax but where??? thanks Alex -- View this message in context: from the SQLite mailing list archive at Then delete all the records from the existing table T1 and copy all the records from the temp table back into T1. thanks Alex You need two UPDATEs to change rows in two tables. _______________________________________________ sqlite-users mailing list [hidden email] Gunter Hick Software Engineer Scientific Games International Gmb H Klitschgasse 2 – 4, A - 1130 Vienna, Austria FN 157284 a, HG Wien Tel: 43 1 80100 0 E-Mail: [hidden email] This e-mail is confidential and may well also be legally privileged.